• Obama or Clinton or McCain?

    Obama or Clinton or McCain?

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    15 Responses to “Obama or Clinton or McCain?”

    1. Ron Paul

    2. Obama sucks. Universal Healthcare is a terrible idea.

    3. Schwarzenegger duh.

    4. Anyone with at least half a brain works for the good old UK

    5. i weep when i think of where this country is going…

    6. The goddamn Batman of course…

    7. George W Bush: Presidente for life!

    8. what do you miss most about the Clinton Administration…

      The PEACE?



      ANYBODY buy McCain. And I truely hate to say that about a bonafide American Hero… but enough is enough. George W. Bush’s Administration will go down in history as the most corrupt administration since Taft of Harding…

      We, and the next several generations are completely screwed because of DUBYAH.

    9. Lets just skip the niceties and ask the question: Obama or McCain? Hillary is done for.

    10. Hahaha, speaking of which… John McCain is advertising on your site Tiki? I am surprised by you for once.

    11. Kucinich

    12. So i just realized that I am totally confused. Obama has 75%, McCain has 25%, Clinton has 15%… now unless I am really bad at common sense, that is more than 100%, so wtf? How this possible?
      Oh, and sorry for the 3 comments in a row.

    13. Clinton obviously cant be in first place, she is to busy making me sammiches.

      But I can see why the democratic party is so attractive. A party that promises to give you everything everyone wants at the expense of all your money seems like a good idea to me. Everyone knows that the all powerful government knows best when spending our money!

    14. @JAWR
      They add up to more than 100% because you can vote for more than one.

    15. Clinton had Peace? And prosperity?

      WTF are you people fucking smoking….

      I’d say either McCain or Obama they’re barely different at all. But McCain has the advantage that if he picks a good running mate he’s so old he’ll die and we’ll get a decent president.

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