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    Religion is good for humanity

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    1. If you have a religion, great, keep it to yourself dont dare talk to anyone about it, it ruins their chance to believe what they want, cause the world is full of liars that just want power over your mind.

    2. Religion keeps stupid people happy so that they don’t rise up and slay the rich and powerful. Promise ’em whatever they want in the afterlife, and they’ll not work too hard to make real life better.

    3. One day I will make my own religion and my empire of slaves…errrr… followers will rule the world.

      And each follower that dies for me will get 100 virgins, 10 professionals (virgins are a bit over rated), and FREE BEER in the next world.


    4. This is a really tough one. On the one hand, religion has the ability to coax the otherwise apathetic into action… the other hand: that same action often takes the wrong form. The Crusades and other holy wars have not benefeted a single worthy person. In America, too many ignorant people find religion, but refuse to keep asking questions.

      Having faith can be beautiful, but all too often faith has driven people to cause more harm than good.

    5. Science. ‘Nuff said.

    6. I think that it’s shit, but not completely worthless. We have religion to thank for much of the beautiful art and literature we have today. Churches and other organizations are doing wonderful things for the less fortunate. On the bad side, we also have religious extremism to thank for the majority of wars and terrorism. It’s also largely responsible for much of the ignorance and intolerance in the world today. Lots of religious people are otherwise perfectly intelligent. If only there were a way to do something about the fundamentalists and leave the others alone.

    7. “Religion is good for humanity”

      A pretty broad statement I’m sure you’ll agree, however you must first define what you mean by religion. Do you mean the organised nature of most mainstream religions – ie with followers in the millions if not billions with set texts and officials in terms of that religion? Or do you mean ones personal set of beliefs of personal religion?

      Whilst it can be said that one’s personal views can be reflected in an organised religion it can said that the two are fairly close depending on the person involved. For example the pope would have personal religious views in line with his organised catholic church.

      In my opinion, and this is a very loose guideline, people can believe whatever they want to believe, live how they want to live in accordance with general human morality and worship what they want to worship, but as soon as it starts to become a collective affair, starts generating money and in essence power, the true nature of organised religion becomes apparant.

      Even the best of intentions can become corrupted, because a religion preaches goodwill does not necessarily mean that the people who run the religion share that opinion. Afterall, as the saying goes, power corrupts.

      According to Christian beliefs during the middle ages the holy land should be the property of the Catholic church due to its importance to their religion. Similarly the Arabic peoples of the time held claim to that belief with the added effect that it was also within their territory.

      Such beliefs led to the Crusades, sanctioned by the pope and undertaken by European catholic nations in which fanactical followers and general populations were uprooted and thrown into violence that left many dead, and for no real tangible gain in the end run. That is a simple demonstation of what organised religion can do, especially when two come into conflict.

      It can be said that religion plays an important part in the lead up to conflict for the entire history of the human race, indeed conflicting ideologies and mantras are the defining factor. Israel is a modern day example.

      So what should people believe? People should believe what they like, without fear of persecution, unless as viewed from a secular society to be immoral. You want to believe that when you die you’ll be taken care of by an omnipotent being? Fine with me, good luck with that. You believe that when you die you’ll get put in a hole and left to rot? Also fine with me.

      Simple answer. Religion that is not forced on people and is merely the beliefs of the individual are good. But as soon as that takes on a communal aspect and takes on followers, scripts and leaders, then that is start of the path, that without care will lead to disaster.

    8. I agree. This question is a typical example of what is commonly referred to as a False Dichotomy.

      This is not a yes or no question. There are both good and bad things about religion. In fact it could be also be argued that Science is itself a religion. A blind faith in science is just as bad as one in religion…

    9. Religion was the bootsraps that pulled humanity from the mire of our humble beginnings. Religion is now the chain that holds us back from our destiny.

    10. Religion is something that should only be practised in private, between consenting adults.

    11. “A blind faith in science is just as bad as one in religion”
      No. It’s not. Not even close. Science is a method . Ideas tested by experiment. If you say that faith in the experimental method is misplaced, then you are questioning the validity of observed reality. Philosophically, you may have a point, but there’s not a whole lot to talk about if reality isn’t real.

    12. reboot:

      indeed, people on the opposite sides of the planet can come up with the same scientific conclusions, whereas with religion, it’s always a roll of the dice, and practically NEVER comes up the same.

    13. Then there is a difference between faith and knowledge, merely having faith that scientific fact is true isn’t as good as knowing that it is. And I assume in terms of “blind faith” it is appropriate to approach both science and religion with an open mind.

    14. “FAITH” is the weakest word in the human vocabulary. Look it up in a dictionery and consider is definition. That is a word that I cannot stand behind.

      I am a devout athiest. I think religion turns reasonable people into complete idiots. Too many people have used, and are still using religion as an excuse to be really crappy towards other people. I just cannot get behind the tall tales written by a bunch of animal sacrificing primitives. As far as I’m concerned, the “Ten Commandments” are really just a list of things that we shouldn’t be doing. It is common sense to me, but 2000+ years ago, it was a means to get some control on those primitive beings. I can understand that. It needed to be done. But I truely think that ENLIGHTENED people do NOT believe in the invisible man who lives in the sky.

      But- having grown up around multiple faiths, I have seen some positive things religion can do for the weak minded fools. It keeps families together. It gives people a sense of belonging. WEAK minded fools, yes… but happy fools. LOL

    15. The answer depends on the answerer, for instance, if the goal is to control millions of idiots, then go ahead!

      Seriously though, religion is bad in any form. Whenever someone says that it’s good since it helps to cope with difficulties or teaches people to be nice to each other, they should realize that there are much better things to help to cope with difficulties or to teach being nice. And these often exclude agressive ignorance and holy wars.

    16. Here’s a question for all of you… why did THE POPE just tell the devout Christians that ALIEN BEINGS are the result of god’s will?

      I think we’re being set up for something shocking and revealing….

      and the Pope is trying to avoid a mass exodus.

    17. Science is not no something that one has “faith” in and certainly not “blind faith”. It is also more than a method. Method is the agreed upon route by which people arrive at a conclusion based upon a specific question. It’s how we get the question that can be argued philosophically. I have zero use for religion of any kind and little patience for those who ultimately believe in any being in the sky. Science seeks to answer questions about reality, not how to live w/ it. Any proper scientific conclusion can be repeated by anyone w/ the knowledge to do so. Religion claims to already know the answers to any question that has been (or will ever be) asked.

    18. …Oh and perhaps if the was no religion there would fewer weak minded people around today for religion to help.

    19. Its like asking are guns good or bad. THey both have incredible power, and they both can be used for great good or great evil. But overall, I think religions have been used for good, despite some set backs.

      Remember, with great power, comes laser eyebeams

    20. Saying Religion is bad for humanity is retarded because we wouldn’t be here today without it. Hence religion is not bad. And Religion doesn’t just fit Christianity, it fits many others, and really, its a beautiful thing that usually has good moral values imbued into it, even though it has its bad side.

      There is no question here. It’s good, and there is no argument against it. Stupid question.

    21. unfortunately for science, all of it is theory. nothing can be completely proven. science is very dependent on math, math is BASED on postulates. Postulates are assumptions, how does anybody really know anything to be 100 percent true if they can’t prove basic assumptions to be true? If the Bible is false, how come nobody has stepped up to prove it wrong completely? Do you all explain all of the prophecies about jesus that were made hundreds of years before his birth to just be coincidence? Either science is right, and nothing became complex life, or religion is right, and we were created.

      where religion goes wrong is forcing it on others, and using it for selfish ambitions.

    22. you say that like theory is a bad thing. Science is testable to a degree that it can be proven.

      the best way I look at it:

      If cultures on the other side of the world from each other can independently come to the same conclusion as each other, as with science and mathematics, then it’s fairly certain to be true. When two independent cultures come to vastly different conclusions, then something is obviously off with at least one of them, which is what we have with religions.

      Ancient Myans didn’t know about jesus, moses, abraham, muhamed, odin, shiva, or zeus. they did know about the movement of the stars, and how to add 1 to 1 and get 2.

      (ad hominem attack: which is apparently more then you can do)

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