• Batman and Superman Get in a fight. Who wins?

    Batman and Superman Get in a fight. Who wins?

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    24 Responses to “Batman and Superman Get in a fight. Who wins?”

    1. Superman can’t plan like Batman can, so he’d slam Superman with his kryptonite hand man!

    2. If batman had green lantern’s ring we all lose

    3. batman is way cooler, but unfortunately superman has that “fucking invincible” thing going for him. so barring some kryptonite batarangs or shit like that, bats is gonna be hurting afterwards.

    4. juice, he’s got a ring that’s all krypto’d out.

      superman gave it to him for xmas

    5. But Supes has heatvision. He grills Batman from miles away, long before the K-thing works!

    6. To my knowledge Batman is just some vigillante with some awesome Ninja training and kicks some major villain ass.

      Superman is invincible and kicks major villain ass. Plus he can fly.

      Looking it that way, Superman has an easy time with things, unless you know, you throw some radioactive rock at him, then things get squiffy.

      Batman is just a badass.

    7. close-combat: batman. he jacked into gotham’s power grid and kicked the shit out of superman in DKR (I think it was that) and beat the shit out of him with a kryptonite ring lex-uthor style another time.

      long-range: superman. like Orin says, he could heatvision batman’s dome off from space or squish him with a meteor or something. that would be pretty sweet.

    8. They fought in the series Hush, when Superman was charmed by Poison Ivy.

      It’s probably not good form to spoil it, but here’s a hint: there’s a “man” in his name.

    9. This is a trick question isn’t it…

    10. Read Dark Knight Returns. This isn’t even a debate.

    11. Supes will just spin until Batman gives up. If comic books have taught me one thing it is that seemingly immutable laws can’t stand up agaisnt a spinning Kryptonian.

    12. Consider how closely Lex Luthor has come to offing Supes (x-number of times), then add Bruce’s psychotic tenacity, peak physical prowess and a genius intellect that surpasses 99% of the minds in DCU. That’s why Batman always win.

      Plus, Big Blue is just an amped-up martian; Bats is the home team.

    13. Any scenario wherein Batman wins is laughable crap.

    14. Superman wins, because as we just saw in the last movie (Superman Returns), he can come back from death, thus even Kryptonite cannot keep him down, even if it can kill him. Besides, Superman could just push the earth into the sun if he wanted to and be done with it.

    15. Batman always. Superman isn’t very smart. he wouldn’t even think of using heat vision in outer space to blast away batman.

      I personally think superman is a pretty lame super hero. The goddamn batman always win, plus with the Green lantern’s ring he is godly.

    16. Batman would clearly fuck up superman. Batman is basically what you get when you cross steven hawkin with a ninja.
      Hulk would obviously destroy and rape the corpses of either of them though

    17. Batman. He has the CAR. The toys, the mansion, the chicks… Definitely THE GODDAMN BATMAN! His moral values can wain towards revenge. He is dark. And I like that he just a man, who uses his ingenuity to be BATMAN.

      Superman is a super pussy.

    18. I like them both. they are different types of heroes though. superman is the outsider who wants to be one of us and batman is the insider who knows the darkness that surrounds us and wants to fight it!. superman though is often to powerful and therefore he can’t be beaten accept by a few superbaddies. the hulk would not beat him because they have basically turned superman into a guy who can lift planets etc. the hulk might hurt superman though! but batman is such a great character , he is a driven being , he can’t stop until he’s dead. he is obsessed with fighting evil and has a desire for bloody revenge that he must fight or become a true dark knight. but superman stands for something too , a being who has alot of goodness , who when you see him coming you know he will save you, and if there was kryptonite there he might sacrifice himself for you. and you KNOW he will do this because he is superman, and good even if you are total stranger to him.

    19. You guys are fucking crazy. Bats on his own vs Superdong is no contest – INVINCIBLE wins. That’s what INVINCIBLE means. The Goddamn Batman doesn’t have super-powers or any shit like that. What the hell good is a car or a gun or a bazooka or whatever the fuck you like going to do against INVINCIBLE? The answer is NOTHING. Because he’s INVINCIBLE versus a mortal dude, even one as kick ass as Batman. What the fuck do “moral values” even have to do versus INVINCIBLE? The answer? “Moral values” get their shit heat-rayed and thrown into the goddamn sun with a shrug.

      Good call, but if you start handing out shit like kryptonite rings and green lantern powers, sure, we’re evening out the fight more and giving the Beloved Goddamn Batman a much better chance, but that’s introducing a handicap into the fight.

    20. I vote Hulk. Screw them both. DC universe. Smash

    21. Batman. Juice says batman uses a handicap to fight superman, but when fighting superman, who doesn’t. since everyone and their grandmothers in the DCU has kryptonite.

      while in a straight up fight, superman would win easy, if he gave batman even a second to whip out those kryptonite brass knuckles…

    22. Agree wit mike, hulk could fuck up the entire justice legue quicker than it takes you to say “you wouldn’t like me when im angry”

    23. Comic books reflect American interests, values, and societies. Keeping in line with that, my vote goes to Batman. Being that his superpower is being…rich…he can just buy and build kryptonite gauntlets and bam. End of fight.

    24. Batman hands down. Why? Superman fights with a code of honor, he’d hold back. Batman fights dirty, in short Batman fights to win. To counter a long distance strike from Supes, Bats would have a contingency in place, like a doppleganger, or some such thing, and then sneak up on Supes with Kryptonite and proceed to kick the living crap out of him.

      In the end Batman’s skills as a strategist, and his willingness to fight dirty will cause him to win against Superman’s “Invincibility” because Supes isn’t invincible he has weaknesses, and Kryptonite isn’t the only one. If this is about winning Batman would use the people Superman cares about most against him as well and make it not just a physical confrontation, but a psychological one too, anything to give Batman the upper hand because in a fight there’s no such thing as being fair, and that’s why Superman would lose and Batman would win because Superman is an idealist who thinks there is such a thing as a fair fight.

      As for Superman vs. The Hulk, The Hulk wins there too. Superman’s strength is finite, The Hulk gets stronger the angrier he gets, and he has a hell of a regenerative ability, mix that with Banner’s intelligence and you’ve got a leathal combination.

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