• Mace Windu vs. Yoda

    Mace Windu vs. Yoda

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    5 Responses to “Mace Windu vs. Yoda”

    1. Would’ve said Yoda, but digital Yoda licked dead horse rectum…

    2. I voted for Mace, but since I recalled that he killed Jango Fett, I feel like a dirty whore, and would change my vote if I could.

    3. Mace defeated the Emporer before that FAG anakin jumped in
      Yoda ran like a bitch when he realized he couldn’t do it

      WINDU > YODA

    4. i’m with natedog. Mace had the emporer on the chopping block, yoda on the other hand got a kicking. enough said.

    5. Mace would’ve beaten Yoda’s ass after yelling “ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER: DO YOU SPEAK IT?!”

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