• M. Night Shyamalan Opinion – His movies: yay or nay?

    M. Night Shyamalan Opinion - His movies: yay or nay?

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    8 Responses to “M. Night Shyamalan Opinion – His movies: yay or nay?”

    1. Tiki, I would just like to congratulate you on flubbing yet another poll.
      Oh, and before the bashfest gets under way, the Village was his best, and they are all very good movies (except maybe Stuart Little, which I haven’t seen). Yay.

    2. wtf are you even talking about. I give you a -1 for being drunk and on the internet

    3. Haha, way to cover your tracks

      Oh, and wouldnt you be at like negative infinity if those rules applied?

    4. Gotcha, I was M. Night Shyamalan all along.
      Just kidding, I was a mascot.
      Just kidding, I was a forest fire.

    5. His movies are alright. His problem is his marketing. He makes a creative world of fantasy but after The Sixth Sense he walks around calling everything he makes the King Swaggercock of Horror.

      Then people go to SEE the movie and realize that there’s very little horror and rate it as a failure to the genre when in reality it was never really meant to be part of it anyway.

      If I was told Lady in the Water, The Village and Signs were dramas and suspenses, I’d have thought they were great. But the fact it was drilled into me that they were horror has ruined M. for me. Let’s hope he redeems himself with The Happening.

    6. I have never thought of his movies as being in the Horror genre, and I never was made to be under that impression (except with Sixth Sense, which was the last one of his out which I have seen). They are all awesome, though The Sixth Sense is probably my least favorite strangely.

    7. what about Unbreakable….that was pretty good

    8. I think he has great ideas but fails to carry them out properly. It’s almost as though he gets bored righting his scripts and just rushes to finish them up.

      I liked 6th sense though…and Signs.

      I thought the main threat in The Village was exposed to early into the movie. Which made the threat of the ‘evil in the woods’ a big joke. It would have been sweet if the monster in the woods was reviled at the end when the reservation wall is discovered.

      I messed up The Happening for my self by reading abiou it online. When I watched the movie everything just became to obvious.

      Lets hope he doesn’t mess up The Avatar movie.

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