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    Favorite Evil Dead film: The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, or Army of Darkness?

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    11 Responses to “Evil Dead Fight”

    1. Definitely Army of Darkness. Those guys had weapons. It took Bruce Campbell wielding a chainsaw and a shotgun to take them down, so that’s saying a lot.

    2. I’ve honestly never watched any of these.

    3. Where’s the “All movies suck” -option?

    4. Oh, C’MON! First was the best!

    5. I dishonestly never watched any of these.

    6. In all honesty, the first was not even necessary… you can skip right over that to Evil Dead 2 and then Army of Darkness if you haven’t seen them. Strange that you would advertise this poll Tiki, as others might be more controversial (Hayden vs. Kristen for example)

    7. Boomstick … this my is!

    8. Never seen any of these, but I’ll vote army of darkness because Shimp said.

    9. I voted “Army of Darkness”, but you need to see “Evil Dead 2” first to get all the inside stuff.

    10. I liked all three- own them all. But Army of Darkness had the best of everything in it.


      am i pronouncing that right? LOL

    11. Evil Dead 2 all the way. I actually have the special edition collectors edition for all 3. including an uncut version of the 1st. (Yes…I’m a nerd)

      The 1st one was cool for the budget and the time it came out. Even being labeled a Video Nasty for being so…nasty 😛

      But the 2nd one was pure black comedy genius. If you play it for some one that hasn’t seen it, You’ll notice they don’t know whether to laugh at it or be afraid. For the 3rd one I think they decided to give up on the later and just go for laughs.

      KLAATU VIRADA NICTO! (Random fact…it’s a password/line from “The Day The Earth Stood still”)

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