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    5 Responses to “Hellboy fight”

    1. god, they both sucked dick. I skip this poll.

    2. I don’t get it. Hellboy 1 had the interesting German charachters, Hellboy 2 had . . . elves? meh.

    3. @ RSIxidor

      Yes, the first film did have better characters and storyline, but I feel the second was just … better.

    4. Hey look what I just noticed:

      * Hellboy 1 (50%, 59 Votes)
      * Hellboy 2 (50%, 58 Votes)


    5. it’s rounding to the nearest percent…

      Also, I’m not sure. Hellboy 1 had a better story, in my opinion, and the ninja guy with the bladed tonfa was just damn awesome, but Hellboy 2 had so much, well, awesome. I loved all of the creature design in it, but the plot wasn’t as good.

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