• When you hear ‘republican’, which of these do you identify to this word?


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    4 Responses to “When you hear ‘republican’, which of these do you identify to this word?”

    1. I do not find it ironic that the “Hypocrites” option is winning.

    2. Niether of them.

    3. Hypocrites, and rather evil. Not that the democrats are a hell of a lot better…

    4. I find it funny how alot of republican’s think they are consevatives. Are you smoking some of that crack that Bill Clinton and the Republicans have been flying into Mena? Conservative? Come on now your not fooling anyone but yourselves be honest with your self if your not going to be honest with everyone else. Dont be a Republican because your parents where or because your neighbors are.

      I consider myself one of the many who are neither party or undecided because either way you go this election it’s all trash. Thank GOD that Hillary got bumped, but she will now be a supreme court judge instead.

      The just of this post is to say wake up America!!

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