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    Battle of the Jessicas

    13 Responses to “Alba vs Biel”

    1. Biel, because of that sweet sweet ass she showed off in ‘Chuck and Larry’.

      holy crap she’s got a tight body

    2. Not an easy choice. They both are drop dead gorgeous. But Biel wins because she is a true full bodied woman.

    3. I pick… both.

    4. Alba. Check out “into the blue”. That was the closest ive seen to a perfect ass.

    5. O k point and laugh at the newbie but how the hell do you actually cast a vote in these fights?

    6. click on the radio button next to the item.
      click on the vote button.
      the end

    7. Thank you Tiki. After careful hunting for the button, and checking against past fights, i have come to the conclusion that i must have voted on this before i knew how or what i was voting on. This does not bode well for Nov. 2nd…..

    8. That really doesn’t bode well for you if you’re in the USA, because we’re all voting on November 4th.

    9. See what I mean? I’m in Bernallio county, New Mexico. as bad as election chaos has been here past few cycles, I gotta start early.

    10. Tiki, Alba was in Chuck & Larry, not Biel.

    11. you are sadly wrong, here’s the IMDB entry for it

    12. It’s Neck and Neck at 211 each right now.

    13. Alba did “Dark Angel,” which was unflaggingly stupid and over the top, but
      Biel did “7th Heaven” unforgivable.

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