• United States Of America Presidential Election

    I understand that not everyone that see this is in the USA, but if you were going to election one of these two men to lead the most powerful country on the planet, which one would you choose?

    John McCain Vs Barack Obama

    • Barack Obama (71%, 333 Votes)
    • John McCain (29%, 139 Votes)

    Total Voters: 472

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    12 Responses to “United States Of America Presidential Election”

    1. I’d like to see McCain be elected to office so he can die and Palin can lead us all in to the depths of hell. Go end of the world!

    2. Ron Paul, /b/

    3. We can only hope for that type of a landslide victory… So McCain can just fade away and Palin can go back to Alaska and pretend it here own little country.. being the secessionist she is and all …

    4. Wow, I’m actually surprised at the number of McCain votes here. I thought nearly everyone on MCS was about the Obama kool-aid (to steal a phrase blatantly)

    5. I still have doubts about Obama with Biden as v.p. You have a guy with what really amounts to a year inside the belt with someone who is as old as the foundations as the senate itself. I like the republican ticket more this race, which is suprising as I liked the democrat ticket in 2000. My .02

    6. Being from Chicago, I am surprised by everyones blind support for Obama. I think it’s because of the tag “liberal”. But I don’t think that people understand his flavor of libralism. He and alot of his supporters have the “70’s” mindset of libralism. It’s about “Race-Baiting” and class warfare. The fact is if you were to take away his ethicity, what’s left is his religious veiws. Which would aline him more with the Religious Right.

    7. @kitzmilr1
      sounds like you’ve been blinded by the right. Also: class warfare is an ongoing on this. Like “the war on drugs” or “the war on poverty” or “The war on terrorism”. As of today, the top 1% is winning the war. Since you’re actually on the internet yourself, you’re among the rest of us who are losing the war.

    8. I think I just accidentally voted for Buchannan.

    9. I din’t know china had elections…

    10. Is there a blank Option? Because If we didn’t change presidents we’d probably be better off (And thats saying a lot about how much either Obama or Palin would suck as presidents because we’re talking about being worst then BUSH ffs).

    11. Ron Jeremy for President!!

    12. I satisfied with results in the sense that it was a fair election without Supreme Court intervention or questionable election machine issues.

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