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    Fold, Roll, or Wad?

    4 Responses to “Toilet Paper”

    1. so people are really sitting there and neatly folding their paper before they wipe their nani’s and bums?? weird..

    2. kezia347- nanis, bums..?? jollyroger, snifty me sum tea eh?– Insert more English BS here—

    3. People roll their toilet paper off of the roll? Or do they just wipe their ass with it still on the roll?

      I can’t believe that people fold. I took a little survey on this same question in a little group down at college orientation and all the girls wadded, much to the surprise of the males. I was one of two males that actually wadded which I find odd (out of about six or seven guys).

    4. Folding is the most efficient in in terms of the amount of wiping capability per square of toilet paper.

      Also, folding doesn’t take too long and you greatly reduce the incidence of clogs. Folding FTW!

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