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    8 Responses to “Who’s Your Favorite James Bond”

    1. Really? Peirce Brosnan?

    2. Daniel Craig is tied for first IMHO

    3. You forgot Woody Allen.

    4. Pierce Brosnan is so high up because my guess is that most people know him more as he is one of the most recent Bond’s, I mean he is the one I grew up with.

    5. Sean Connery is winning because Sean Connery is Sean Connery.

      But he was not a fantastic Bond.

      Pierce Brosnan is coming second because he was the best Bond so far, but he is not Sean Connery.

      Daniel Craig is coming third because, while not playing the best traditional Bond, he is playing a really good kickass secret agent whose name is not James Bond.

      If you catch my drift.

      The others are losing, because, if you watch them, you will find that they are shit.

    6. Tim Dalton- he was a smooth clean martini secret agent. Thats the way bond was intended. Sean- a rough britt- not so smooth(suck-it Trebeck). Peirce- goldeneye was sick, thats all. Danny C.- too much of a hard ass.

    7. @ LukeV1-5
      i disagree. i was gonna say peirce, but i remembered goldfinger. and i loved sean.

    8. @TrikYodz

      Well, then. I guess you’re wrong.

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