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    Which is better: Miranda, Trillian, or Pidgin?

    Miranda, Trillian, or Pidgin

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    11 Responses to “Internet Messaging Programs”

    1. GAIM!

    2. I picked Pidgin just because I’ve never used the others, honestly.

    3. goatsgomoo: GAIM is now called Pidgin. Look it up.

    4. MSN?

    5. Miranda looks purdier

    6. bitlbee!

    7. @Anonymous

      yes, MSN is on all three, why do you ask?

    8. I’ve never used any of these.So I can’t vote. Perhaps I should delete my WLM and download one of these. No one really talks to me on them much nowadays anyhow.:(

    9. personally I think once astra is released, trillian will dominate all

    10. Digsby anyone?

    11. I don’t think digby was on the scene when I made this poll originally, but I’m using it now, and it kicks all sorts of ass.

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