• 2012 Republican Primary

    Who do you support for the Republican Primary? And Why?

    • Ron Paul (44%, 32 Votes)
    • Other (33%, 24 Votes)
    • Mitt Romney (10%, 7 Votes)
    • Newt Gingrich (8%, 6 Votes)
    • Rick Santorum (5%, 4 Votes)

    Total Voters: 73

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    6 Responses to “2012 Republican Primary”

    1. Rick Santorum, because he’s INSANE!

    2. Why would you want even a remote possibility of a crazy person getting into the white house?

    3. WHY would I want to support anybody for the Republican Primary?

      You answered that question yourself, Tiki, they’re all insane and crazy, especially this bunch. Obama should already be packing his shit up for leaving next year, but unless something drastic happens, I don’t see any way that Obama can’t win now.

    4. Romney isn’t even remotely insane as Santorum or Ron Paul, he’s just a partisan greedy fuck that’s out to protect the 1%’s economic investments.

      but he’s not taking home dead babies to show off to the family, or talking about dismantling the Dept of Education.

    5. ron paul… cuz natedog keeps telling me to

    6. Romney doesn’t have a clue on how to feel empathy for the average Joe in America. You COULD put that into he’s that way because of the first part you say about him, but it certainly doesn’t explain people like Gates or Buffet.

      And the second part you talk about makes him unelectable because of the crazies that are currently in charge of the GOP. He really becomes nothing but just another Obama in that respect.

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