• Western Fight

    Han Solo vs James T. Kirk

    Battle of the Stars

    Superman vs Benjamin Franklin

    i mean what better kinds of battles are there?

    Sexual Preference

    which one is better?

    Most Enjoyable Level of School

    Which level of school did you enjoy most (of the ones you have taken part in)

    DC movies VS Marvel Movies

    The recent influx of comic movies is huge. How ever…marvel seems to have a more relaxed attitude towards their movies. Allowing writers to change major plot devices in the comics to better suite the movie audiences, While DC has a more conservative approach. It seems Marvel is open ended in order to make room for […]

    Old School Console Fight

    who would win freddy kruger or jason voorhees

    the movie said that jason won only because the people killed freddy so the truth who would win

    How does one submit with a name?

    So I just tallied it up, and I have submitted 25 of the 35 polls which you have had up on this site so far, all of which are supposedly submitted by anonymous. Is there any way to login or anything to change that? Now that I am thinking about it, it really doesn’t make […]

    Toliet Paper: In or Out

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